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Goods return formPlease use this form when returning goods for repairs or other purposes
(Download, 52 KB)
TeamViewer customer module
TeamViewer for your Remote Support
Scanner drivers
SCAMAX® 2600/5000 SCSITWAIN and ISIS Driver (ISIS compatible)
Ver: 2008/11
(Download, 4.2 MB)

Inf/Cat driver for a Windows XP/7/8 usage (also 64Bit)
Ver: 2013/07 
(Download, 10 KB)
SCAMAX® 270S/410STWAIN and ISIS DriverM03  (ISIS certified)
Ver: 2004/04
(Download, 4.0 MB)
SCAMAX® 270/410/4x1/51x SCSI MS61TWAIN and ISIS Driver (ISIS compatible)
Ver.: 2015/12
(Download EXE version, 6.8 MB)
(Download MSI version, 6.8 MB)
SCAMAX® 4x2/4x3 (TWAIN)Twain-Driver (TWAIN certified)
(Firmware package of April 2014 has to be installed)
(Download, 13.6 MB)
SCAMAX® 4x2/4x3 (ISIS)ISIS-Driver (ISIS certified)
Ver.: 1.0.11309.6001
Twain driver has to be installed, too!
(Download, 28.6 MB)
CCP (Color Calibration Program)
CCP allows you to calibrate your SCAMAX M06 scanner (corresponding option code required).
(Download, 2.9 MB)
colerase Filter Definition Program
(v1.0.18 - 2009-12-15)
colerase allows you to define colour filters for your SCAMAX M06 scanner  (corresponding option code required).
(Download, 4.4 MB)
Scan clients
(V3.0.0.29654, 50.7 MB)
SCAMAX Scan makes it possible to operate a SCAMAX scanner via the TWAIN interface for test purposes. Download
(V3.0.0.29654, 51.4 MB)
SCAMAX Scan+, free 30 days test version. Download
(Cannot run with dongle version 1.x.x.x or 2.x.x.x)
SCAMAX Scan+ (last V 2.x.x.x)
(V2.6.0.27215, 28.7 MB)

Last Release of SCAMAX Scan+, Version V 2.x.x.x.  Download
(Cannot run with dongle version 1.x.x.x)

QuickScan Pro DemoQuickscan Pro Demo is a free scanning program (demo version). This program makes it possible to operate a SCAMAX scanner via the ISIS interface for test purposes. 

ISIS is a registered trademark of EMC Corporation.