Dr. Dornbach Treuhand GmbH goes in the direction of digitalization

Dornbach Group scans clients’ documents and incoming mail with three SCAMAX® 4x3 document scanners


The Dornbach Treuhand GmbH, a tax consulting and auditing firm, has taken another step towards digitalization in March 2019. With the procurement of three SCAMAX® 403cd document scanners the tax experts can now rely on reliable hardware for digitalizing their clients’ documents.

„In the first expansion phase we scan the papers from our clients and read the document type as well as the client number according to the barcode on the documents. Then all scanned documents get assigned automatically to the appropriate client in “Datev Unternehmen Online” (accounting software) and “Datev DMS”. In a second expansion stage we are planning the allocation no longer with a barcode reading, but thru a OCR (free text recognition)“, says Dornbach CEO Peter Henning.

A detailed test showed that the SCAMAX® 4x3 convinced with its brilliant image quality, its glassless paper guide and the belt transport system which is gentle on papers.
„We looked for the worst files in our company and scanned its content with the SCAMAX®“, tells Peter Henning. „When that was finished, we knew, that we can easily digitalize the documents out of the pendulum files with this scanner and that we have also generated a great additional value for our clients and for us“.