Current information about the coronavirus

Ladies and gentlemen,

the corona virus is now influencing the living and working environments of people and companies throughout the world. In order to be able to preserve your planning security at least to some extent, we are informing you today about the precautions we have taken to protect as well as possible the health of our employees and business partners and to maintain the efficiency and service quality of our company.


  1. The health of our employees and business partners
    For all our departments, the regulations concerning hygiene and behavior were adapted to conform to the current recommendations of the Hessian Health Departments and communicated to our employees by the management. The regulations also apply to our visitors and contain, among other things, instructions regarding how to handle suspected cases that may arise. To the extent that their fields of activity permit, our employees have been working on a home office basis since last Monday. For the time being we are reducing our travel activities to the very minimum.

  2. Efficiency and service quality
    Since we manufacture our products starting from the raw materials and have at our disposal secure supply chains inside Germany, we see our manufacturing stability as unaffected by the corona crisis. We will continue to process your orders punctually and completely. Delays or bottlenecks are not to be expected. Furthermore, we will also continue to reply to your service inquiries promptly.

Should you have questions on this matter, do not hesitate to contact us, either by phone or by mail.
You can reach us as usual at +49 6036 / 9708 0 or at

For your business activities, we wish you success even in spite of the present situation. But above all, we wish you and yours best personal health.