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The tax consulting firm MR&P strengthens its clientele by providing digital information.

Every tax consulting firm knows this problem – vast amounts of documents, in a messy, loose sheets collection or in an organized filing, in any manner. Tons of documents for bookkeeping, for preparation of key figures and decision-making tools. And for having the paperwork available at different places at the same time (clientele and tax consulting firm), every document is being copied before handed over to the tax consulting firm. This is not only expensive, it also doesn´t make any sense. After all, we are living in the digital age.


These considerations brought the tax consulting firm Mevißen Reuter and Partner to have a closer look at their internal processes. The questions were very simple:

  1. How can we support our clientele in handling the bookkeeping and the related documents?
  2. How can we integrate our software solution in the process?
  3. How do we ensure the efficiency of the processes?


The solution is no sorcery, but logical action.
„With the possibility, that DATEV Unternehmen Online offers us, to link each posting record with the related documents, we got the idea to scan the documents of our mandates before these are getting booked.”, explains Birgitt Reuter, partner MR&P tax consulting firm. Once the documents are scanned, booked and linked, pushes the digital world the efficiency of the processes. Any time up to date, online and able to provide information. The mandate gets, by his access to DATEV Unternehmen Online, the opportunity to retrieve account information and related documents wherever his is, also mobile. He can settle invoices directly from this program and have a look at the business assessment.


Software alone is not enough, also a little hardware is necessary. Apart from PC´s and servers with the needed connections to the computers and storage from DATEV, also the device for digitizing is required.


Given the fact, that mandates submit their documents, which have to be booked, always at the end of the month to their responsible person it comes to performance peaks. In a short time as many documents as possible have to be scanned and saved. „In the first instance we´ve tried to scan about 10.000 documents per month with a customary sheet feeding scanner. But we realized real quick, that this >>small<< scanner reached its performance limits because of the mass and condition of the documents.”, tells Mrs. Reuter.


Because of their first scan-experiences with workplace-, department- and multifunction scanners, the tax consulting firm MR&P became convinced to use production scanner of the InoTec GmbH Organisationssysteme. Arguments for the scanner of the scanner series SCAMAX® M06 of InoTec GmbH reflect the basic requirements for a high-class scan-equipment:

High scanning speed, excellent image quality, easy handling, simple integration into DATEV, robustness, easy cleaning and maintenance, long life cycle, low operating costs. The German manufacturer has a powerful service network and supports its customers by phone and on-site.


InoTec speaks your language and supports you by solving your problems.


MR&P made a conscious decision to go with InoTec. Quality pays off! Not only financially, but also for the environment. The scanners scan for many years, millions of documents. They grow, because of the possibility to upgrade them, with the requirements of the customers. If there should be a defect, it will be repaired and not thrown away.




About Mevißen Reuter & Partner

The tax consulting firm Mevißen Reuter & Partner is a medium-sized tax consulting office from Hürth close to Cologne, Germany. Founded in 1994, MR&P offer a comprehensive range for companies, start-ups and private persons. Dedicated action is a key component of the services. A fair and square communication with mandates is a matter of course for the tax consulting office, as well as the discreet and confident handling of their data. Together with long-standing cooperation partners offers the tax consulting firm a comprehensive range in the sectors tax consultancy, business consulting and auditing.

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