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InoTec: Being successful with German engineering at the Nile

Scanning 24 hours - with SCAMAX® High-performance scanners

How do you digitalize 200 million extremely heterogeneous documents, having a very low budget and an ambitious time frame?
City for Trading & Contracting (CTC) mastered this challenge by combining a sophisticated process with a strong German technology-partner and a service-concept, which assures a production time of 24 hours at six days a week.

The largest Egyptian private-bank with having 158 branch banks nationwide and holds a huge central archive in Cairo, where over 200 million documents of different sizes (up to DIN A3) are stored. Not only personnel files, also customer documents and checks are archived over there.
The restructuring to an electronic archive makes a local and fast access to these documents possible and it increases the possibility to research for information. Guidelines of the bank say that the documents also have to be microfilmed, because the microfilm is currently the only legal evidence.
The project plan is to scan and microfilm 5 - 6 million documents a month. “In the beginning four or more production scanners had been set to meet that target”, exemplifies Mahmoud Abd Allah, CEO of ‚City for Trading & Contracting (CTC)’, who is in charge of the project implementation.
Budget cuts have been a big challenge for Mahmoud Abd Allah. Because no compromise to the focused time period or the needed productivity have been made. Long downtimes or significant time delays caused by maintenance- or service work were not accepted.

High Expectations
The selection criteria for the wanted scan system was set: A high processing speed for the digitalization as well as for the microfilming plus a friendly customer service and the ability to scan and microfilm different documents fast and reliable.
This decision was easy for Mahmoud Abd Allah. Because only the hybrid solution SCAMAX® 515 document scanner InoTec GmbH Wölfersheim (Germany) met all requirements for the work-process.
The SCAMAX® 515 is a high speed document scanner with integrated microfilm module. Without losing speed, this device creates digital and analog images at one process step. The by InoTec developed paper-feeding system allows a direct insert and digitalizes all types of documents, from onion skin (flimsies) to Manila folder file covers.
The sustainable product-concept of the InoTec highspeed-documentscanners, which are made for long-term use, provides an enormous productivity- and cost advantage. The SCAMAX® 515 scanners are built using only long-lasting components as well it´s features a user-friendly maintenance and care. Also the exchange of damaged components is uncomplicated and doesn´t take long.

SCAMAX® Scanning-Time: 24/6
Two SCAMAX 515® scan systems are in use. “At least a minimum of five devices from other manufacturers would have been necessary to cover the specific general requirements and needs of the bank”, Mahmoud Abd Allah explains and continues: “The long-life cycle and robustness of the InoTec scanners SCAMAX® makes it possible to digitalize around the clock in two 12-hour-shifts on 26 days in a month. The digitalization process takes place at a scan-center at the bank, which is especially made for this reason. 15 to 20 employees prepare the documents for scanning and add a barcode while two scan-operators take care of the operation of the machines. The operators got a detailed technical instruction on the devices to be able to solve small problems and change consumables by their self. In addition, technicians are on call during to complete production process to support the operators if needed.
InoTec supports the service skills of it´s partners with special in-house trainings at their headquarter in Wölfersheim, Germany. “We were positive surprised how intensive and professional InoTec takes care of the training of their partners. It shows the big meaning, which this company ascribes to a First-Class-Service. This is essential for being successful at this project.”, Mahmoud Abd Allah points out.
For InoTec partners it’s an obligation to participate in trainings of several days´ duration at the head office in Wölfersheim, Germany. After completing this training, the partner is able to do the service, maintenance and required repairs by itself. For questions and technical expertise, InoTec assures that a technic-specialized employee is always available for partners - besides the regular office-hours - by phone or even in case of an emergency with an on-side service.

Totally on time
After 18 months of project time he draws a positive interim conclusion: “In the meanwhile we´ve digitalized 90 Million documents. At an average we scan about 120 documents per minute, which includes all activity at the scanner, like cleaning and changing the microfilm-cassettes.
A bank representative checks and evaluates the status quo of the project each quarter. But for Mahmoud Abd Allah these reviews are no routine. Because if CTC didn´t meet the target of the project, he has to pay a fine. “By now there were no claims, quite the contrary, the customer is highly satisfied”, he explains and continues full of pride: “In the meantime, this project became a showcase for this industry – many other Egyptian banks visit this scan center to learn more about digitalizing.

About ‚City for Trading & Contracting’
Established in 2000, ,CTC – City for Trading & Contracting’ offers products and service for the office- and bank-automation. One division brings enveloping machines, equipment for distribution as well as equipment for the document- and check handling to market. A seconded division supports companies with integrated solutions for different IT-functions. By now CTC focuses a powerful and reliable after-sales support – 65 percent of the 80 employees are engaged with service and support.