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Investment in quality always pays off

What seems to be cheap for the moment might be expensive in the future

AdVision, specialist for media observation, provides its customers business relevant information. They are extracted from magazines, journals and other media all over the world and linked intelligent with additional data.
An important advantage in competition for the company, located in Hamburg, is the high quality of the digitalized advertisement. With this a significant analysis and a productive workflow are guaranteed.

Who wants to sustain its position at the global markets successfully, has to have an intensive look at competitors and check its own position at the market constantly. An important part of this task is a permanent advertisement analysis. It informs companies and agencies about new marketing strategies and competition´s campaigns, reflects current events on the market and enables the qualitative observation of the brand presence.

AdVision digital GmbH observes communication activities in almost all relevant media since more than 10 years. Heart of the work of AdVision digital is the “GWA-AdZyklopädie”, the largest media database of Germany. There customers can catch up on campaigns and marketing costs and have a look at where advertisement was placed. Thereby it is possible to display data up to firm- and product level. The currentness of the database is an essential customer requirement. Daily, 1.800 up to 2.000 new advertisement themes are added, most of them out of public- and trade magazines.
According to that fact, digital document management is very important for AdVision. A high image quality and process efficiency is requested as Carsten Koster, CEO of AdVision, explains: “The better the image is displayed, the more sophisticated and accurate the analysis is.” Besides that, our customers do not only have a look at the advertisement themes on screen, they also use them for their presentations. “At the same time the applied scan components have to support a, production in real-time’. „The database gets updated with new motives every two hours“, explains Jan Stapel, who is responsible, as production manager, for a smooth digitalization flow.

Calculating twice saves time and money
Before replacing two already engaged high speed document scanner, Carsten Koster checked the total operating costs, an effort which has paid off for AdVision. “For the final choice, two systems were left. At first sight the model from the German scanner manufacturer InoTec put itself at a disadvantage with the higher price”, says Carsten Koster. In Contrast the SCAMAX® document scanner offers benefits, which causes totally new comprehensive cost analysis.
„By using the currently engaged scanners, we had to mark the border of the newspapers, so that they had been detected clearly. With using InoTec scanners this work is not necessary any longer, because the automatic border detection works without any problems”, tells Carsten Koster.
Consequently, 71 working-hours in total per month can be saved only for not marking the borders. Projected on one year, this would be a cost advantage of over 10.000 Euro.
Another part of the total operation costs are monthly investments for maintenance and service. Carsten Koster: „While paying yearly 1.800 Euro for consumables only for a competitive product, the costs for InoTec´s consumables amount to 200 Euro for one year." The sustainable designed construction of the InoTec devices makes a long useful life possible. One of the InoTec scanners is on duty since more than 8 years.
Furthermore the image quality has been an important decision criterion. „Our advance compared with competition is predicated on wide research possibilities, a large and constantly updated data stock and the high-resolution images of the advertisements”, explains Carsten Koster and continues: “Compared to the competitive product the InoTec scanner provides a twice as high resolution at the same scanning time while testing.”

Productivity and Quality increased once more
Against the background of a continuous enlargement of the database to include foreign media, in fall 2013 AdVision reinvested into their scanner-infrastructure. “After one week testing, we´ve decided on the new 4x3 generation of the SCAMAX® document scanners from InoTec”, says Jan Stapel.

Many useful features help the production manager to improve the workflow. Important steps, like the image processing, are already made inside the scanner. Jan Stapel especially mentions the automatic deskew of the documents, before this had to be done at the computer by using a special software. Furthermore the input system has been improved, so that samples, which were difficult to handle in the past, can now be insert without any problems. The LED lighting system improves the illumination of the documents. Because of a maximum of the illumination a higher quality can be reached especially at fadeless scans.
“With the new SCAMAX® 4x3 scanner”, as Jan Stapel, “we have increased the flow by 30 %.” In total, the digitalizing team handles between 30.000 and 50.000 sheets per week, the annual scan-volume adds up to 3 million images.
The workflow is organized deliberate. In a first step the newspapers and magazines are scanned. “Not any secondary finishing at the computer is required. The image quality is already brilliant, so that only a few more steps are necessary” explains Jan Stapel. These steps include the release of the advertisements as well as the indexing and enrichment of important information like title, page number, price, date of publication and more.
„AdVision has developed a professional system for the data input, which can also picture special customer requirements and is optimized constantly”, adds Carsten Koster.
Customers appreciate the service AdVision offers. Large DAX-listed companies are using the “GWA-AdZyklopädie” as well as 200 top level creative- and media agencies and more than 50 % of the publishing companies.
The high quality standard of AdVision is basis for the corporate success, in the present and in the future. Therefore Jan Stapel´s next ambition is to change also the second scanner into the new generation of the SCAMAX® series, in line with the motto “Investment in quality always pays off”.

AdVision digital GmbH

Since 1998 AdVision digital GmbH support customers in observing media and competitors in a professional way. The main focus of the work is the, in cooperation with the German Association of Communications Agencies (GWA), resulting “AdZyklopädie”. The database provides a web-based, fast, individual and quantitative media observation. With its help customers can catch up on campaigns, spendings and have a look where advertisement was placed. The observation includes public- and trade magazines, daily newspapers, TV & radio, posters, cinema, out-of-home channels, info-screens and the internet. For this advertisement is scanned on a daily base, commercials, web pages, posters, cinema spots and other media is digitalized and afterwards linked intelligent with background information and archived. The company with headquarters in Hamburg has globally operating DAX-listed companies, 90 % of the creative- and media agencies, as well as many leading publishing companies on its customer list.