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SCAMAX® high performance scanner from InoTec GmbH digitizes 50 million sheets in the toughest production conditions

Health Insurance Funds with SCAMAX® 4x2 process prescriptions efficiently

Electronic processing of paper-based business processes offers large cost savings to health insurance funds throughout Europe. The Italian document management service (DMS) provider, Record Data S.r.l., shows how the use of scanning technology ‚Made in Germany’ - InoTec GmbH from Wöfersheim, Germany - significantly accelerates the processing of pharmaceutical prescription and other documents throughout the health care system.

Record Data S.r.l., located in Fano on the Adriatic coast, is one of Italy’s leading DMS service providers. Business focus of the company is the digitization of documents for the healthcare industry, especially of pharmaceutical prescriptions.

The requirements for the capture process are very high. Approximately 200,000 sheets per day must be captured quickly and reliably in full colour. The document types are predominantly pharmaceutical prescription in A5 size, as well as accompanying documents up to A4 size. The images are transmitted to clients in binarized form for further processing. The client uses OCR systems to extract the relevant data for use in reimbursement procedures. Highest image quality standards are a necessity to ensure that downstream OCR processes produce optimal results.

Perfect combination of quality and productivity
The core of the digitizing solution are four InoTec SCAMAX® 4x2 series duplex colour scanners with a speed of 150 sheets per minute at 300 dpi. They were acquired after a long and intensive test phase. The smooth integration into the IT infrastructure of Record Data was managed by InoTec partner CGK Solutions. The Italian scanning specialist also provided the professional training of the operating personnel. For the control of the scanning equipment CGK provided the scanning software ImagePort2k. This software package facilitates the easy and productive implementation of the scanning workflow required.

"The transition from the test phase to full production operation was seamless. This has ensured a high level of customer satisfaction", says Salvatore Ferro, CEO of CGK Solutions.
Thanks to InoTec’s innovative Perfect Document Technology, Record Data is able to surpass the already high expectations of customers in respect of image quality. The digital mixed-colour filter ,colerase' removes unwanted ‘blind colours’ from the scanned documents, which increases the performance of the OCR process. The dynamic binarization method ,coladapt' ensures that high-resolution and complex pharmaceutical barcodes are recognized flawlessly.
Important to the high productivity achieved is the ability of InoTec production scanners to process even difficult documents safely. These include, for example, documents with thick stickers and stapled documents. This is achieved, among other things, through the safe and reliable feeder system of the SCAMAX® scanner, as well as the glassless paper guides. Thus, an overlooked paperclip in a document batch can not harm the device.
Also the easy handling of SCAMAX® scanners supports productive operating. The integrated touch screen enables intuitive operation with easily understandable pictograms and full-text messages. Additionally, InoTec scanners are designed to allow users to perform simple maintenance work themselves.

Low Total Costs
Salvatore Ferro is emphatic that Record Data benefits from much lower operating costs. During installation, operation and maintenance low overheads are incurred. The SCAMAX® models are also characterized by a low consumption of wearing parts. "The 'Total Cost of Ownership' of InoTec production scanners are the lowest in its class," said Salvatore Ferro.
Even after five years of intensive use, with 12 hours production per day and having captured 50 million sheets per scanner, Salvatore Ferro sees no need for replacement of the equipment. "The SCAMAX® production scanner is as robust as a famous German car. It runs and runs". The sustainable product concept of InoTec devices is consciously based on a high degree of technological continuity and long-term use of the devices. Key features include the use of durable components and operator friendly easy-care and maintenance of the scanner.
"The SCAMAX® 4x2 document scanners have provided impressive proof of their highest standards of productivity and efficiency in a complex market environment," said Salvatore Ferro.

About Record Data
Record Data looks back on 25 years of company tradition in the management of electronic documents and is one of the leading DMS providers in the Italian market. The company is characterized by a high level of innovation and reliable service. This service provider only employs state-of-the-art technology throughout its operation. Record Data has been UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified since 2007.

About CGK Solutions
Founded in 2005 CGK Solutions specializes in input management solutions. This ranges from scanning of documents, image processing to data recognition and extraction. The solution provider exclusively distributes powerful and unique in the market hardware and software systems for the electronic collection of large quantities of documents. In addition to sales and installation of solutions CGK Solutions offers extensive technical advice and performs service and maintenance tasks. The company's founder, Salvatore Ferro, has more than 20 years experience in the document management environment.