Customer benefits

Save your most valuable asset - Time

When a tool is developed by professionals for pro-fessionals convincing results are mandatory. Intuitive and simple operation, a reliable paper feeder and high page throughput reduce operator fatigue and save time – your valuable time. Competence shows when important details are designed and user friendly, effective improvements are made.

Competence shows where crucial details are improved user-friendly and effective.

Anybody who is successful works efficiently and is not distracted by matters outside his area of expertise. That’s why we have taken this path on your behalf. Whether there are hardware problems, new drivers are required or it is simply a user inquiry – we are there for you. Service – as we understand it – delivers answers that let you progress. Regardless of whether it is in Australia, Africa, Germany or wherever in the world.

If you farewell us with smile at the end of a service call, we know we have done a good job.

Answers world wide – InoTec.

Added Value

Technical precision and sustainability ensure your value!

The quality of our production scanner displays by their durability, long-term use, fast and reliable processes, high image quality and worldwide use. Our basic value Security is a prerequisite for your added value.

Low cost, long-life components, upgradeability and the small amount of wear parts are a guarantee for a very good cost efficiency.

Partners and clients, it is often a bit more value to obtain a business service with software and hardware support from the manufacturer. We develop our scanner so that repairs are possible and our scanner even a major overhaul, can be subjected with subsequent warranty.
Of course, our customers can also take our authorized service
partners to complete.

We are here for you!


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