Features SCAMAX® 4x3


  • Gigabit Ethernet
    Interface with a future.
    Fast, safe and uncomplicated.
  • TSCP
    TouchScreen Communication Panel
    Simplifies operation of advanced functions.
  • PFC PaperFlowControl
    Controls paper flow from the feeder to the output hopper and detects feeding errors.
  • Document indexing
    Generates user-defined index data during the scanning process and passes the data on to post processing.
  • Intelligent Endorser
    Prints freely definable information pre- and/or post scan.
  • Bates Stamping
    Stamps images electronically.


  • Ergonomic
    Minimises operator fatigue because controls are easily reached.
    High contrast TouchScreen display ensures excellent screen readability.
    Document sequence is always maintained to eliminate post scan sorting.
  • Quiet Operation
    Ultra quiet and compact design easily fits into any office environment.
  • Ease of Use
    Intuitive design ensures ease of operation, even after an upgrade.


  • Scan Speed adjustable by button *
    90, 120, 150, 170 ppm
    180, 240, 300, 340 ipm
  • Resolution
    150, 200, 300, 400 and 600 dpi
  • Image Quality
    Dynamic binarisation, selectable gamma correction.
  • Document Feed
    Auto-feed (batch), Hand-feed with or without paper separation.
  • User Formats
    Document width: min 28 mm - max 317.5 mm
    Document length: min 60 mm - max 2075 mm
  • Paper Thickness
    Onion skin (flimsies) to Manila folder file covers.
  • Image Output
    Bitonal, Grey, Colour* – compressed or uncompressed.
    Multi resolution from the same image.
    JPEG quality
    Snipping function
  • Color management
    Supports ICC-profiles
  • Double feed control
    Three ultrasound sensors, individually controlled across entire document length and across individual document areas.
  • Scalable Processor Performance
    Demand orientated image processing.



  • Event Controlled Indexing replaces costly software and reduces throughput times.
  • Utilises Established Filing Structures, structure can be fully user-defined based on established organisation methods.
  • Index Trigger - index triggers are activated by patchcode and manual input.
  • User Definable counters, fixed texts and flags.
  • Export Capability index values can be easily imported into Document Management Systems.


  • Low Operating Costs
    Only few wearing parts with long life expectancy.
  • Energy Saving
    Utilises an energy saving LED illumination system.
    No warm-up time for the lamps, instantly useable upon power on.
  • Energy Star
    Exceeds Energy Star requirements for energy consumption.
  • Maintenance Worldwide
    Onsite maintenance is provided by authorized service partners.
  • Compact Design
    Small footprint design saves valuable office space.

No Limits

  • Advanced Engineering Ensures No Volume Limits
    Continuous scanning – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks...
  • No Service Area Limits
    True worldwide service by InoTec technicians or authorised, factory trained service partners.


  • Image enhancement PDT
  • Cropping/Deskew
    Black border removal, bicubic deskew, content based rotation.

    Digital mixed color filter

    Dynamic binariosation

  • Scan Background
    Selectable black or white.
  • Optical Resolution
    600 dpi
  • Multistream, triplestream, dualstream capabilities
  • Automatic Colour Detection
    With configurable settings.
  • CCP Color Calibration Program
    Software to calibrate colors using IT8 targets.
  • Blank page detection
    Intelligent, content based


  • Operator/Machine Interface
    Utilises easy to use TouchScreen Communication Panel
  • Language
    Instructions and error messages are simple to understand and multilingual.
  • Full Text
    All error messages and screen references are in full text. No coded messages or instructions.
  • Pictograms
    Ensures fast orientation – clear, understandable, intuitive.


  • Contact Feeder
    Automatic, safe, reliable and controlled.
  • Paper Transport
    Safe, reliable and controlled.
    Gentle on papers.
    Simple and easy access everywhere.
    Reliable processing, even with widely varying documents in the same batch.

* depends on options/model




display-pictograms SCAMAX® 4x3 production scanner