Ultra High Performance Scanner 
Small device – Great performance

The SCAMAX® 6x1 provides a reliable document processing as well as an USB 3 port and highest process efficiency with a scan speed of up to 210 pages per minute. It has intelligent features for optimizing pictures inside the device and for managing and pre-structuring documents. The sustainable product concept with durable components ensures low overall operating costs. The upgrade options give customers investment safety for a future expansion of their production.
A special, scratch-resistant glass is used for the SCAMAX® 6x1 scanners. Staples and paper clips can´t scratch it and also millions of pages can´t leave any grooves. InoTec gives a three-year „NoScratch“-warranty for the glass guides.
The new SCAMAX® 6x1 is the consistent implementation of our value philosophy. Everybody got involved in this product: Customers, partners and employees. Their requests, experiences and knowledge about digitization have been integrated into the development process. The result is cutting-edge technology ‘Made in Germany’.


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