Features SCAMAX® 8x1


  • Up to two High-Speed Output Hoppers
    for orderly collection of scanned documents without loss of scan speed.
  • Dual Input Hopper Tray
    with 1,000 sheet capacity each, facilitates continuous feeding to ensure uninterrupted scanning.
  • Transport and scan width
    up to 317.5 mm for processing tab and register sheet.
  • Three performance classes
    The 8x1 is available as 801 with 160 ppm, 811 with 220 ppm and 821 with 300 ppm.
  • Upgrade concept with two steps
    The scanner models 801 and 811 can be upgraded on-site by performance options at any time. That way the scanner can grow with the new challenges and increasing scan volume.
  • HD-Imprinter
    Imprints in top quality at maximum scan speed. Print resolution 300, 600 and 1200 dpi. Printing height 14,2 mm. Text size adjustable up to 4 lines and barcode printing.


  • Color Touch Screen Display
    with latest multi-touch navigation for simple, intuitive operation.
  • Height Adjustable
    for ergonomic, effortless working. Each operator’s optimum work height can be memorized in the
    system’s user management area.
  • Pressure Adjustment Paper Input
    to optimize the document feeding perfectly to most diverse documents.
  • Straight Through Paper Path
    (admission height 2 mm, optional 5 mm) through rear document output with active switch. Sorting by event control e.g. as per patch code, counter, document length, barcode etc. at full scan speed.
  • Readily accessible transport path
    for easy cleaning and fast removing jammed  documents.

Intuitive operation

  • MultiTouch Communication Panel (MTCP)
    in 9” (230 mm) size with easily understandable, colored pictograms and clear full text messages and function keys for an easy handling.
  • Traffic light logic
    for fast, intuitive handling. Reduces downtimes and builds an effective team of scanner and operator.
  • Speed run
    The scanner models 811 and 821 can work with slower speed levels when necessary. The selected scan speed can be assigned by the scanner settings to every scan project.


  • Image Enhancement PDT

Complete Image Processing on board, e.g. gamma correction, digital color filtering, bicubic deskew, cropping and dynamic binarisation for perfect bitonal images.

In addition, PDT offers functions like multistreaming (simultaneous output of color, greyscale and bitonal images), automatic blank page detection, content based rotation, automatic or patch-code controlled color detection, and much more ...