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Production Scanners Made in Germany

At InoTec we optimize the business processes of our customers around the world with our highly trustworthy production scanners and excellent service. We have been doing this for nearly 30 years. And we are still as keen on it as on the first day. Technical precision, long service life and sustainability as well as product and service quality Made in Germany are our commitment to our customers. And the demand we place on ourselves. We allow ourselves to be measured by this. With every single system.

The production scanners of our SCAMAX® family help government agencies, public authorities and enterprises in all fields to scan large volumes of documents productively and dependably. They are in use in situations in which amounts of documents in the four to six-digit range must be processed in a very short time or daily. Or in which the annual volume of documents reaches or surpasses countless billions.

Our high-performance scanners are leaders in applications in the mail room and in archives. In many cases they replace entire scanning lines. They are distributed in Germany also by system integrators and worldwide by certified partners. InoTec provides reliable service throughout the world and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 as well as ISO 14001:2015. InoTec GmbH Organisationssysteme belongs to the DATAWIN corporate group.

Our Team

Our team consists of engineers, technicians, designers, skilled workers, marketing experts and industrial and administrative assistants. Within our group of companies, we draw on a contingent of over 100 highly qualified employees – including some of the most experienced scanner and imaging experts in the world. You will find your first contact persons from management, development, sales, service and back office below.


Johannes Boerboom


Bernd Strohmeier


Benjamin Meyer


Our History

The company InoTec GmbH Organisationssysteme was founded in Wetzlar in the spring of 1992 by the partners Peter Schnautz, Jürgen Kaus, Klaus Atzbach and Friedhelm Schmidt. That same year InoTec introduced its first SCAMAX® scanners on the market.

Since then the company and its product line have consistently been developed further. Now InoTec is ranked among the world leaders for high-volume scanners and our SCAMAX® scanners  are among the most powerful and long-living production scanners on the market.

In the nearly 30 years of its existence, InoTec was able to set remarkable milestones: thus InoTec, among others, was responsible for installing the largest digital database on the African continent up to the present, for developing the first mid-volume color document scanner in the world and for bringing on the market the first document scanner in the world with integrated touch-screen operating panel.

Other innovations were the first upgrade-capable scanner series, the worldwide fastest hybrid system for the simultaneous scanning and filming of documents as well as the first production scanner in the world with a network interface. Innovations, which were recognized both by professional associations and by the trade press and honored with awards and prizes.

In the year 2019 InoTec became affiliated with the corporate group DATAWIN under the leadership of the DATAWIN Gesellschaft für Systementwicklung mbH.

Sales Team

Frank Schuler

Sebastian Brack

Paul Schubert

Gerhard Weinfurtner

Melanie Völbel

Production Management & Service

Timo Hahn

Jens Zerb

Klaus Brinner

Sven Becker

Thomas Waldeck

Administration & Organization

Ute Hofmann

Julia Rothermel

Jens Bergmann

Tim Weinhold

Valerie Heavey

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