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Digitizing documents

Swiftly. Safely. Simply.

Be it incoming mail, archived records or documents of all other types: with SCAMAX® document scanners you attain the highest throughputs and brilliant results. Independent of paper quality and document materials.

SCAMAX® production scanners are used in all applications in which large volumes of documents must be scanned very fast and with maximum image quality. Whether it be to make them available for digital processes and electronic workflows or to archive them.

The users of our high-performance scanners include government agencies, public authorities and also organizations and companies of all sizes and branches:

Insurance companies, tax consultants and health insurance providers. Clinics, hospitals and laboratories. Schools, universities and other educational institutions. Banks and savings banks and financial service providers. Enterprises and corporations from the areas of commerce, logistics and industry. And of course, professional scanning service providers.

They all use SCAMAX® scanners for automatic document capture in very diverse applications and scenarios:

For archiving and incoming mail. For elections and polling. For multiple-choice tests and surveys. For invoice and document processing. And for quality assurance, record keeping and documentation.

Our customers use our scanners for very diverse applications and the expectations they place on professional scanners are just as clearly defined:

High throughput, outstanding image quality, simple and intuitive operation, genuine 24/7 staying power as well as minimum maintenance are obligatory. And long service life, low overall operating costs and upgrade options that protect the investment are more than merely the icing on the cake. SCAMAX® production scanners fulfill and exceed this profile, reliably and over the course of many years and millions of documents.

For digitizing patient records, capturing health insurance prescriptions, scanning election ballots, archiving cultural assets … Our customers use SCAMAX® scanners for very diverse scanning applications and digitalization projects.

Archive scanning

In the digitizing of archives, the scanning of large volumes of paper-based documents in a defined period of time is essential. The condition of the documents often represents an immense challenge, for example, when the documents to be scanned are torn, wrinkled or otherwise damaged. Here high demands are placed on the paper conveyance of an archive scanner. Moreover, the paper must not only be transported dependably but frequently also particularly gently, as is the case with historic and valuable documents. In professional archive scanning, maximum image quality for true-to-the-original illustrations and scanning objects is always assumed as a prerequisite.

SCAMAX® scanners are experts in archiving and offer you many advantages:

  • FADGI & ISO 19264-1 standard for the scanning quality stipulated in the digitization guidelines for archiving technical documents, cultural assets, etc.
  • Unique belt transport, ensuring the safe and gentle processing of extremely poor document qualities
  • Slow-down mode and hand feed mode for hardship cases
  • Throughput and scanning widths of up to 317.5 mm for register pages and dividers
  • Freely accessible transportation paths for fast and tool-free cleaning when scanning contaminated or dusty documents

Scanning incoming mail

The digital mail room is the starting point for a large portion of the digital processes for your organization. That makes the efficient digitizing of your daily incoming mail critical for success. It is often the case that tens of thousands of different documents must be recorded daily within just a few hours – as extensively as possible without resource-intensive manual work steps. Malfunctions in the scanning of incoming mail entail immediate consequences, extending from idle states in downstream processes to missed discount periods. The greatest possible reliability and failure safety are thus basic requirements for an incoming mail scanner.

SCAMAX® scanners are true champions in the mail room and offer you many advantages:

  • Maximum availability due to their robust product design and high-grade components
  • Service contracts with guaranteed reaction and repair times, e.g. until the following business day
  • Imprinter functions for the preparation of individual incoming mail stamps
  • Sorting functions to reject separator sheets (via patchcodes, 1D / 2D barcodes)
  • Straight paper passage for the scanning of envelopes and documents of cardboard

Document acquisition / Document processing

The processes and business workflows of our company are characterized by documents and forms – by formatted information carriers in paper form. They are structured in such a way that their information can be quickly transferred to IT structures and IT applications and utilized there. Examples of different documents are certificates of incapacity, transfer forms, statements of accounts, prescriptions, ballots and multiple-choice tests. It is the goal of digital document acquisition to transform paper-based information quickly, unequivocally and loss-free into digital systems, so that downstream OCR processes and automatic follow-up processes are able to operate fault-free, efficiently and without subsequent manual corrections or subsequent indexing.

SCAMAX® scanners raise your document processing to a new level and offer you many advantages:

  • Perfect image quality for the highest detection rates and blind processing rates of up to 100 percent
  • Three freely-definable color filters for the color suppresion of blind colors
  • Barcode capable HD imprinter for razor-sharp imprints at full scanning speed

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