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InoTec presents The SCAMAX® Family

Digitalization begins with the digitizing process. Our production scanners transform your paper-bound information into digital workflows and applications. They create the basis for efficient digital processes, worldwide cooperation and reliable archiving. Trustworthy. Resource-friendly. Made in Germany.

Johannes Boerboom, InoTec CEO

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Production Scanners Made in Germany

At InoTec we optimize the business processes of our customers around the world with our highly trustworthy production scanners and excellent service. We have been doing this for nearly 30 years. And we are still as keen on it as on the first day.

Keypoint Intelligence tests the SCAMAX®6x1

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Worldwide at your service

Our network of partners and distributors


Partners & Distributors

Our network of certified partners and resellers extends across all five continents. To find a distributor in your country, click on the respective continent or visit our partner and distributor page.

The SCAMAX® Family

Our scanners are among the those with the highest throughput in the world. And each one is a specialist in its own field.


The Throughput Sensation

The SCAMAX® 6×1 is as compact as a table device but it scans with the power and the capacity of a high-performance scanner: faster, with greater persistence and more reliably than any scanner of its size.


The Power Tower

With up to 300 sheets per minute and continuous 24/7 durability, the SCAMAX® 8×1 exceeds the throughput of some open track scanners – with its floor area of just one square meter.


The Middleweight Champion

The SCAMAX® 3×1 brings true production scanning and premium features to the mid-volume segment – and sets completely new standards there. With compact dimensions. And at favorable conditions.

Discover InoTec

Welcome to the SCAMAX® universe!


SCAMAX® scanners are champs in mailroom and archive.

Making headway … over a long period of time

InoTec Head of Sales Germany Frank Schuler interviewed by DOK.magazin.

News & Press

What’s new? Here you find news from our company, as well as technical articles, product reviews and user reports on the SCAMAX® production scanners.

How to find the right production scanner

A guest article in is report.

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