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1. March 2020


The 24/7 Production Scanner

What makes a scanner a production scanner? Of course: a particularly high throughput. And what makes for a particularly high throughput? Also clear: a particularly high scanning speed. So far, so clear. Almost: because what is at least as clear, but often overlooked: Even the highest pages-per-minute (ppm) value only ensures high throughput if the scanner scans 24/7 without interruption: Because that’s what production scanning means. And that’s exactly what the SCAMAX 6×1, the newest member of the InoTec production scanner family, does.

The SCAMAX 6×1 is a compact desktop production scanner for large-volume scanning projects such as those that archives, mailrooms and scanning service providers have to handle every day – often in shift operation. The particularly stable desktop device achieves daily throughput figures like no other desktop scanner. This is due to its scanning speed of up to 210 ppm and the high-performance DNA of its product family. Above all, however, it is due to its strict focus on 24/7 operation, which is reflected in three key features.

First: Quality Made in Germany

First, the SCAMAX 6×1 is 100 percent Made in Germany: this applies to its development and design as well as to its components and their assembly. Here, technical precision meets largely wear-free components. The result: high quality and durability – mandatory prerequisites in the SCAMAX product philosophy for genuine production scanning in 24/7 operation. Last but not least, this includes support by German-speaking technicians, if necessary also on site by the respective development manager.

Second: Secure document transport

Secondly, the SCAMAX 6×1 offers particularly secure and at the same time paper-friendly document transport. This takes place via wear-free belts that require neither maintenance nor cleaning. The ingenious belt transport system significantly minimizes the risk of paper jams and enables trouble-free scanning processes over entire shifts, which is where the high scanning speed comes in.

Third: High user-friendliness

The third key feature is the SCAMAX 6×1’s high level of user-friendliness: it can be operated intuitively via its 7-inch communication panel with touch function and through its smart operator guidance with traffic light logic and easy-to-understand pictograms. Warnings and error messages appear in clear full text. This means that unplanned downtimes can be reduced to a minimum and interrupted scanning processes can be quickly resumed.

Experience live at Twenty2X in Hall 07, Booth 09

In addition, the SCAMAX 6×1 offers numerous other features and optimizations for reliable 24/7 scanning: For example, the stacker and feeder pressure can be adapted to the documents to be scanned. Staples remaining in the documents are detected by sensors. An event-controlled switch allows documents to be sorted by barcode, patch code, document length or counter – at full scanning speed. The latter can be regulated during the scan project at the touch of a button. The images, optimized for OCR processes, are supplied by a camera developed in-house. Visitors to the Twenty2X can see for themselves the performance and reliability of what is perhaps the world’s highest throughput desktop scanner live at the InoTec booth in Hall 07, Booth 09.

This text was machine translated from the German version.


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