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Scanner News and Know-how
17. August 2012


Mastering heterogeneous and complicated original documents

User Short Story:
Scan crumpled, dirty and damaged documents

„As a scanning service provider we primarily acquire commercial documents from accounting departments and shipping documents. The paperweight of the documents extends from 30 g for rice paper up to 150 g for cardboard. Frequently the documents are folded, crumpled or severly soiled. The scanner of a well-known brand that we had acquired at favorable terms was not equal to this task; in processing a representative stack of 200 documents, 30 incidents of double page infeed and five paper jams occurred. All told, we had to open the device 19 times. For this reason we replaced it with a SCAMAX®. The results convinced us immediately. Documents of all types were captured reliably and in high quality. The ROI amounted to about seven months. Today we employ four SCAMAX® scanners, with which we have scanned around 60 million documents to date.“

Timo Ulmer, Technical Director of Scanning Production BÜROTEX ScanProfi GmbH


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