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6. October 2022


SCAMAX® document scanners for Egypt’s digital transformation

How our partner CTC enabled one of the world’s largest daily newspapers to become the Egyptian government’s leading scanning service provider.

With almost 150 years of existence, Egypt’s state-owned daily newspaper AL-AHRAM (“The Pyramids”) is the oldest newspaper in the Arab world – and one of the widest-reach newspapers worldwide for more than 100 years. For many years, it has operated a dedicated department for physical and digital archiving, including microfilming.

Many years of archiving experience win the day

When the Egyptian government decided a few years ago to build a new capital in Cairo, relocate all ministries and civil servants, and digitize all archives and backlogs as part of the process, AL-AHRAM decided to bring to bear its long archiving experience, as well as its reputation and responsible position in Arab society, and play a central role in Egypt’s digital transformation. In addition, AL-AHRAM took on a variety of other digitization and archiving mandates for a wide range of government agencies, for which AL-AHRAM has since acted as the responsible outsourced digitization agency.

Wanted: the fastest, most productive, and most reliable document scanners

This necessitated equipping the AL-AHRAM service team with the fastest, most productive and reliable document scanners. At this point, AL AHRAM had already gained experience with various big scanner manufacturers. However, since the scanners from these manufacturers could not meet the requirements for the new mega project, AL-AHRAM launched a tender to purchase four production scanners, with the strictest requirements and SLA conditions. In addition, AL-AHRAM requested all vendors to perform a proof of concept or provide a running Egyptian reference where scanners of the offered brand are successfully used.

With best recommendations, even with difficult paper grades: the SCAMAX® production scanners

The pitch from our distribution partner City for Trading & Contracting (CTC) not only impressed with its outstanding technical solutions and high cost-effectiveness, but also included a letter of thanks from the Egyptian army. The army had recently used a SCAMAX® 4×3 from InoTec for a large-scale scanning project in a difficult environment and achieved resounding success. CTC won the contract and supplied AL-AHRAM with four SCAMAX® 6x1s, which also proved to be a tremendous success, especially in the challenging processing of particularly light paper grades and documents, the productive digitization of which had never been achieved with scanners from other manufacturers.
Today, just before the end of the warranty period, the scanners are running like on day one and CTC is in final negotiations on the SLA for the next five years.

Customer summary: “The fastest, most productive and most reliable document scanners”

AL-AHRAM is highly satisfied with the SCAMAX® 6×1. Especially because they also productively process particularly light paper grades, which had never been possible with scanners from other manufacturers. For me, the SCAMAX® scanners are the fastest, most productive and most reliable document scanners on the market.”

Mahmoud Abd Allah, Managing Partner City for Trading & Contracting

About City for Trading & Contracting (CTC)
City for Trading & Contracting (CTC), established in 2000, is an Egypt company with offices in Cairo and Riyadh. The fast-growing company is active in the field of office and bank automation and has a large number of successful installations to its credit. CTC’s customer base includes banks, telecommunications companies, insurance companies, government agencies and FMCG companies. CTC’s solution portfolio includes folding and inserting solutions, document scanning, microfilming and archiving, card personalization and inserting, check processing and OCR capture solutions, print finishing solutions, and teller automation solutions. CTC offers its customers integrated end-to-end solutions, from hardware and software to maintenance and operations.


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