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Interview on the launch of the new SCAMAX 3×1

This interview first appeared in Postmaster Magazin 1/2023.

To celebrate the product launch of the new SCAMAX 3×1, we spoke with DATAWIN CEO Johannes Boerboom.

For whom and for which applications is the SCAMAX 3×1 the perfect solution?

Johannes Boerboom: For anyone who wants to digitize even comparatively small daily volumes of documents in the three- to five-figure range with the quality, reliability and functionalities of a high-end production scanner: In the archive, in the mailroom, or in scanning services. And for those for whom the ESG criteria are important.

You are targeting the mid-volume segment with this scanner model?

Johannes Boerboom: Yes. But most importantly, we are redefining it. Giving the production scanner label solely on the basis of theoretical scanning speed misses the reality of the people who work in archives, mailrooms and digitization centers. They need real production scanners – robust, fail-safe, durable, user-friendly and with all the qualities and functionalities that state-of-the-art digitization offers and requires.

In the SCAMAX family, the new 3×1 series inherits the 4×3 series. Why are you taking this successful product off the market?

Johannes Boerboom: Because we can now offer an even better product at almost the same conditions. With even more features that have proven to be a great advantage for users in recent years.

The new scanner is the most cost-effective in the InoTec portfolio. Are you entering the price competition that is being fought specifically in the mid-volume segment?

Johannes Boerboom: We are always in this price competition with every device. On closer inspection, we are usually ahead of the competition. Not, of course, in terms of the initial purchase price – our production is too high quality for that. But this value results in low total cost of ownership and TCO for our scanners. The long service life of our devices has a particularly strong impact here. But also their energy efficiency, the minimal use of wear parts and the ability to perform basic maintenance without the need for a technician.


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