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The Expert Feed Scanner for Heritage Collections: the SCAMAX 6×1

Digitize cultural assets more productively and cost-effectively than ever before.

The SCAMAX® 6×1 digitizes fragile historical documents tens of times faster than any overhead scanner: secure, gentle on paper, and FADGI 3-star- and ISO 19264-1 (B)-compliant. The production scanner can be used as a stand-alone solution or as a hybrid solution when combined with over-
head cultural heritage scanners from established manufacturers. This shortens your digitization projects by months, years and decades, and saves you six- and seven-figure personnel expenses in the process.

Find out in our PDF “The Expert Feed Scanner for Heritage Collections” …

  • how the SCAMAX® 6×1 has been especially enhanced for the digitization of historical material,
  • what the challenges are when scanning cultural assets,
  • which features make the SCAMAX® 6×1 your expert for heritage material,
  • how a hybrid scanning station can save you hundreds of thousands and even millions of euros on large-scale archive digitization projects,
  • what users from the archive environment have to say about the SCAMAX® 6×1.

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