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Scanner News and Know-how
26. May 2021


Operationally reliable scanning of documents from the 19th century onwards

User Shortstory:
Europe’s most experienced church heating engineers digitize historical documents from the 19th century with a SCAMAX® production scanner.

“With over 180 years of experience, our company has unique expertise in church heating engineering throughout Europe. The plans and documents that we had to scan in the course of our digitization and decentralization and make available to 165 employees throughout Germany were correspondingly old and varied: postcards, paper-thin carbon paper, transparent templates, technical drawings, heavy letter paper, memos, faxes, index cards, photos, and so on. In order to find the optimum scanner for this purpose, we carried out detailed tests in which the SCAMAX® prevailed over two competitor products. The decisive factors were its secure paper feed, high throughput and user-friendly software. The additional costs for its comparatively higher purchase price were offset after just six months in our requirements profile.”

Matthias Wunden, Sales Church Heating
Theod. MAHR Söhne GmbH



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