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17. October 2017


Production scanner succeeds where a passage scanner fails

Tax consultants introduce digital client records

Tax consultancy companies must cope with huge volumes of documents: innumerable records, invoices and documents must be entered, evaluated, partially archived and then returned to the clients. A large proportion of these documents are copies, since clients seldom submit original documents. On the one hand, it is a waste of paper. On the other, it is a burden on the tax consultancy companies that threaten to drown in the shear masses of paper. The MR&P Tax Consultants found a simple solution for this problem: scanning. And, in this case, professional scanning.

The initial situation:
Too much paper. Too excessive costs. And unused software potential.

The tax consultancy company  Mevißen Reuter and Partner recognized early on the danger that large volumes of paper represent for efficient business processes. For that reason the tax consultants tested the processes that normally transpire in their company. They were guided by three central questions:

  1. How can we simplify the bookkeeping processes and document handling for our clientele?
  2. How can we integrate our software solution in the process?
  3. How can we safeguard the efficiency of the processes?

The bright idea:
Scanning – and fully exploiting our software potential.

Birgitt Reuter, partner at MR&P: “With the possibility made available to us by DATEV Unternehmen Online of linking each bookkeeping entry with the corresponding document, we had the idea of first scanning the documents of our clients before we entered them on the books.”

Once the documents are scanned, entered and linked, the online software multiplies the efficiency of the processes and unfolds its entire potential: clients receive their own access. Thus they can at any time call up their own accounts and all the documents they submitted, review economic evaluations and settle invoices directly via the software. Yet at the same time, the tax consultants always remain available to provide information.

The challenge:
Load peaks put too much of a strain on the scanner.

In order to digitize incoming documents, MR&P needed an especially powerful scanner. This is due to the fact that clients nearly always present the documents to be entered at the same time with the responsible consultants – namely at the end of the month. Then countless documents have to be scanned and stored in the shortest time possible.

Birgitt Reuter: “We first tried scanning our volume of around 10,000 documents per month using a conventional passage scanner. However, we noticed relatively quickly that the scanner had reached the limits of its technical performance because of the large amounts of documents and their composition.”

Our first scanning experiences with workstation, departmental and multi-function scanners immediately led to the realization that we were in need of a professional document scanner. The required profile of such a scanner is clearly defined:

  1. The scanner must be equal to the load peaks of the task involved: it must be able to digitize volumes of documents in the five-digit range within a few days time.
  2. The scanner must be able to process very different types of documents simultaneously: size A4 documents, invoices, receipts and many others.
  3. The scanner must reliably draw in and convey even documents that are crumpled and damaged; for example, receipts for entertainment expenses that were stored for weeks in a wallet.
  4. The scanner must permit itself to be incorporated without difficulty in the DATEV solution.

The solution:

MR&P tested a professional production scanner, the SCAMAX® 4×3. It fulfilled all the demands placed on high-performance scanning equipment: the SCAMAX® 4×3 scans quickly and with endurance and it realizes high throughputs. It offers excellent image quality and is easy to operate. Its integration in DATEV is uncomplicated. Furthermore, the scanner is extremely sturdy, simple to clean and service and it generates modest operating costs – while enjoying a long service life. The scanner’s manufacturer, the German company InoTec GmbH Organisationssysteme, has a high-capacity service network and it supports its customers via live teleservice or directly on site.

The result:

The SCAMAX® 4×3 delivers on its promises. The company MR&P Tax Consultants integrated the scanner into its hardware and software structure und is thus in a position to master its monthly load peaks during scanning without problems. The company’s process efficiency has been noticeably improved, just as also the customer experience of its clientele.

About Mevißen Reuter & Partner

The company Mevißen Reuter & Partner Tax Consultants is a medium-sized tax consultant office in Hürth near Cologne. Founded in 1994, the company MR&P provides assistance to its clients with a comprehensive service portfolio for companies, start-ups and private persons. A central component of its services is thereby its approach characterized by its commitment and dedication. Open and honest communication with its clients is a matter of course for the company just as is its discreet and confidential handling of client data. Together with long-standing cooperation partners, the tax consultancy offers a wide-ranging scope of services in the fields of tax consultation, economic counseling and auditing.


Mevißen Reuter & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft, Brabanter Platz 1, 50354 Hürth, E-Mail:


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